"At kai, we’re all family. And we don’t just mean those of us in the company. When you work with kai, you become part of the family, too."


We strive for teamwork in all aspects of the home build, to make everyone comfortable – our clients and our build partners alike.

It’s not only about cooperation or compromise. We work to make everyone happy as we build the homeowner’s dream. The quality of our projects – and the overall homebuilding experience – is based on our philosophy that we are a team: the homeowner, the architect and designer, and the builder.




We’ve designed our homebuilding process to be 100 percent customizable, starting with your choice of architect and designer. We’re happy to work with your team, if you already have someone in mind. If you don’t, we have existing relationships with a number of exceptional architects and designers, and we can help you select the right team based on their specialties and strengths. Whether you choose your own architect and designer or take our recommendations, we will manage the project to make sure that your home reflects your unique vision.



As the builder, we focus on the construction side of things – we leave it to you, the architects and designers, to conceptualize. Bring us the blueprints, and we’ll implement them. We don’t have an architect or a designer on staff, so we enjoy building relationships with architects and design firms. kai has developed strong business ties in the homebuilding industry and is the builder of choice for a number of area architectural and design firms. We jump right into the plan and build to your exact specifications.