"We are builders. Not just by trade – but by our passion, by our innate drive for the beauty we can create out of raw materials, and by our sense of tradition."


The Broesche name goes a long way in Texas, and we’re upholding the legacy of exceptional homebuilding that our family has passed on for three generations… and counting.

At kai, we bring that passion to every home we build. It is our goal to help you plan and execute your vision of the “ideal home” – whatever that may be. We believe that home truly is where the heart is. To us, that’s not just lip service; it’s part of everything we do. It’s why we pour our hearts into our work. And it shows, from the day you first step into our office until the day you cross your completed threshold.


We embrace this tradition of building, but we take it even further – we don’t just ride the coattails of our family name. We build on the foundation of excellence that our family has developed over the generations with the amazing technology available today, which allows us to do so much more as builders.

We Raise the Bar

Just because someone has built for years doesn’t mean they stay current with new standards of building or understand how to maximize new and proven technology to maximize efficiency and minimize risk. Our build process raises the bar – from the mastery of our trades to our choice of materials to the technology we embrace.

Truly Custom

The building envelope is just as important as the design of the home. We understand how to truly customize to each client’s desires and needs. This means we do it differently every time, and the process is tailored to the location. How it’s done in Galveston isn’t the same as in Houston or Austin.

We also appreciate the deeply personal nature of the project. This is your home, but it’s our build. We give every project the dedication it deserves. This means we’re onsite and involved in every step of the build. That’s what we would expect, and you deserve nothing less.




Corbin (“Corby”) Broesche started building at a very young age. While most of his classmates were playing in the sandbox, Corby was helping his dad and grandfather construct homes. Granted, his first years weren’t spent on the jobsite, but he honestly can’t remember a time when he wasn’t thinking about being a designer and a builder. It’s always been his passion, his focal point, and his drive.

He got his legitimate start in the trade during high school, when he was involved with his father’s Houston-based building company. Corby received his best training there, under the patient and watchful eye of his father and grandfather. He took what they taught him, and he brought it up to speed with the up-to-date tools and resources that today’s technology allows.

Corby has always focused on the custom home market. In 2001, he took the role of Construction Manager with one of the most prestigious builders in the Houston area, building homes in River Oaks, Tanglewood, Bellaire, Memorial, Spring Branch, and Galveston. He branched out on his own to found Broesche Design Build LLC in late 2014, then kai Custom Homes and Sagebrush Construction in 2017. Today, he operates these three homebuilding firms in Galveston, Houston, and Austin.


Construction Manager

They say if you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life. With his experience and dedication, Brian Broesche embodies this statement. He spent his childhood constructing playthings with his brother – from forts to model cars – and now he gets to build “adult” things with his brother for a living!

When he was asked to join kai Custom Homes and work with his family, he jumped at the opportunity. He was brought in as the construction manager for kai Custom Homes in 2017, and his involvement has grown as the company continues to expand.

Brian has been in construction in Austin for more than a decade, working in every aspect of residential construction. This level of involvement gives him the ability to personally know how each step of the process needs to be done to achieve the quality product that kai clients expect.


Interior Designer

Lauren Broesche learned to appreciate the design of interior spaces at a young age because her mother was an interior designer. But since then, she has honed her natural talent for juggling all the details of speculative interiors and for the overall direction of the homebuilding process. She understands how to guide homebuilders as they search for the “just-right” finishes that will complete their home.

She enjoys putting spaces together, and her knack for interior design is visible at each site. Lauren also likes the challenge making somebody else’s vision come to life. It’s especially rewarding to help clients bring out what they have in their minds when they are struggling to identify it. Helping them find their inspiration and realize what they like (and don’t like!) is all a piece of the puzzle.

Lauren loves to push the limits. Of course, she finds what makes her clients happy, but encourages uniqueness over simply opting for what’s already been done. And she loves the fact that theirs is a true family business. That makes every project personal.




Homebuilding Consultant

Rodney Broesche brings the knowledge of a well-seasoned builder to every project that kai Custom Homes takes on. As a retired builder, real estate broker, mortgage broker, and title company executive with 50 years of solid experience under his toolbelt, he is an invaluable consultant and sounding board in our homebuilding process.

Before he retired and joined kai Custom Homes, Rodney owned Hunter Group Homebuilders, HG Builders, and several other homebuilding companies based in Houston and Galveston. Along with establishing a reputation for excellence in his trade, he also trained many aspiring builders – Corby and Brian being two of his most prized pupils.

He has passed down more than a few trade secrets. Much of his knowledge came from his father Charles Francis Broesche, who always knew the best direction to face his houses to bring in the best breezes, making his homes the most comfortable living spaces possible – even in the grueling Texas heat.